National Grid: Cancel The Contract


to Tell National Grid To #CancelTheContract



We are calling on National Grid to Cancel their contract with Spectra Energy.

National Grid is the sole buyer of Spectra’s fracked natural gas that will flow through the 5.1 mile long West Roxbury Lateral (WRL) pipeline. With no buyer for this gas, there is no need for this pipeline.

Also, the West Roxbury Lateral is part of a larger pipeline expansion project - the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) - which will transport gas from Pennsylvania to Canada for export. Spectra has justified the entire AIM expansion by arguing that the WRL will satisfy a projected increase in local demand of 2,400% over the next decade. This is an absurd projection given that at the moment Massachusetts is debating energy policy that will transition our energy needs to clean, renewable sources. Cancelling the contract would nullify the original justification for the larger AIM expansion. Delegitimizing the entire project gives more leverage to other local groups resisting the AIM expansion (Sane Energy Project, The FANG collective, Resist AIM, Dragonfly Climate Collective).


How we’re going to do it:

Once-a-day, our allies and we will Tweet, email, or call National Grid and tell them to #CancelTheContract for Spectra gas that will flow through the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM) pipeline.

Choose the form of contact you want from below and send National Grid one of the messages below, or get creative and make your own! Just remember to tell National Grid , once-a-day, to #CancelTheContract.

  1. Tweet: [email protected] #CancelTheContract for @SpectraEnergy #WestRoxbury pipeline until you fix 1000s+ of #Boston natural gas leaks #StopSpectra
  2. Call: 1-800-233-5325. To reach an operator between 7am and 7pm, press ‘0’ four times (press the numbers slowly – about once every 2 seconds). Ask to speak to a supervisor. If you are told you will be transferred at any point, insist you speak to a decision maker. Ask them how your phone call is being record and what record is kept. If you are a National Grid Customer, let them know that, and then tell them:   ”I want National Grid to cancel the contract with Spectra Energy for their West Roxbury Lateral pipeline natural gas until the thousands of existing gas leaks in and around Boston are fixed. We need to be investing in renewable energy in our region, for the sake of the climate, for the sake of people that are put in harms way by pipelines like this, and for the sake of people who climate change is already affecting. We don’t want more natural gas in this region. We don’t need more natural gas in this region. Cancel the Contract with Spectra Energy.”
  3. Email: Go to the National Grid website, fill out the fields with any information you want, if you are a National Grid customer, let them know that in the body of your email. Copy and paste this directly into the National Grid website contact form:”National Grid’s contract with Spectra Energy to purchase fracked natural gas from the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline completely misses the mark on what Massachusetts needs to be secure for decades with clean, safe, renewable energy. This purchase puts communities at risk all over the Northeast, sacrificing the safety and health of residents for a resource that’s neither needed or wanted.This contract also ignores the state of disrepair the existing system of pipelines in and around Boston are in, pouring money into new projects when priorities should be put on the leaks that exist. National Grid needs to Cancel the Contract with Spectra Energy.It is unequivocal that climate change is being driven by the burning of fossil fuels and the effects are already altering and devastating ecosystems and communities around the world. Each new fossil fuel project locks low lying coast land communities into an uncertain future of sea level rise and forced migration. Nations, states and communities around the globe are realizing the toll climate change is taking on the poor, low lying people of the world and mobilizing to shift energy dependency away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable sources. The contract with Spectra Energy ignores the realities of climate change and should be canceled out of a sense of urgency for what is needed to protect current and future generations of people. Buying resources that puts people and the environment at risk, from leaks and explosions, needs to be stopped immediately. Alternative energy exists and is a safer, more sustainable way to power Massachusetts.

    I want National Grid to fix the thousands of gas leaks in the Boston pipeline system before buying natural gas from Spectra Energy’s new pipeline project. We don’t want it more natural gas in this region, and we don’t need more gas in this region. A full scale inventory of how much gas is saved needs to be done after all existing leaks are fixed, and only then should the conversation of new pipelines be had. By adding another high pressure pipeline to the existing system, leaks will grow in size, emissions will increase in the region, and more consumer money will be wasted as costs for unused gas is passed onto the consumer. #CancelTheContract with Spectra Energy and fix the leaks in the Boston system first.”

Once-a-Week, please fill out this form
and let us know the outcome(s) of your contact with National Grid.

By giving us feedback about National Grid’s response when you reach them, we can strategize together to make this campaign as successful as possible, ultimately leading to the cancellation of this contract.