Action Agreements


To ensure everyone’s safety and to encourage broad participation, we are asking everyone who joins us to agree to the following action guidelines:


  • will be utterly peaceful/non-violent in all aspects of this action - physical and verbal.
  • will be dignified in dress and demeanor - these are serious issues, and we want to be taken seriously
  • will attend an action training and briefing before I join the action. If I did not attend the training, I do not intend to risk arrest.
  • knowingly and freely assume all risks, even if arising from the negligence of others, and assume full responsibility for my participation in this action.
  • will act in accordance with my group’s agreed plan for action. I won’t speak or act in ways that contradict the intention of my group
  •  will act out of personal conviction, cultivate joy and understand that this issue is connected to all others to create a better world.