Welcome to #ResistThePipeline


Resist the Pipeline — a coalition of organizations and individuals that vehemently agree:

  1. That human activity, specifically the burning of fossil fuels, has exacerbated the Greenhouse Effect leading to un-natural Climate Change, or Global Warming.
  2. That Global Warming is a threat to the sustainability of our planet and for human life on the planet.
  3. That we need to urgently reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and transition to 100% green energy.
  4. That we OPPOSE all new fossil fuel infrastructure as we focus on energy efficiency and clean energy to meet the electricity and heating demands.

What can YOU do?

1. #ResistBackBayPipeline Campaign — opposing new fossil fuel pipeline construction which is against Boston’s climate pledge and only serves Boston’s wealthiest (the pipeline project only has 1 customer, the luxury high-rise development at One Dalton Place. Weekly Wednesday vigils and awareness with #ResistBackBayPipeline More info here!

2. June 8th #WalkTheTalkOnClimate 

On June 8th, Mayor Walsh will kick off the US Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting. We are holding a rally at 930 am at Copley; calling on Mayor Walsh to #WalkTheTalkOnClimate ! EVENT HERE: We are demanding that he be a climate leader locally; that means:

  1. Saying no new gas-guzzling buildings,
  2. Activating Community Choice Energy which has already been approved,
  3. Adopting net-zero policies in Boston,
  4. Divesting from fossil fuels
  5. Refusing new fossil fuel pipeline infrastructure and,
  6. Following through on Boston’s carbon goals!

3. UPDATE on #ClimateTrial ! The judge “acquitted them without so much as an administrative fee.” This was a historic judgement as the necessity defense was used- meaning that the defendants’ protecting of the environment and the future of the planet were proper grounds for their Non-Violent Civil Disobedience. NEW YORKER story. 

4. Featured NEW Video “One Dalton: Luxury in the Sky”- PLEASE SHARE!

This is a PARODY video of One Dalton’s Advertisement/ Propaganda (seen below):