Why Do We Oppose this Pipeline? 

Spectra Energy is building a pipeline carrying fracked gas in West Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts. This is a densely populated residential area.There are many reasons to oppose this project, the larger pipeline (the Algonquin), and fracked gas in general. Opposition to the WRLP falls mainly into two categories: Local Concerns and Climate Change.

What’s New?

On Thursday, over 100 gathered for an interfaith worship service at the site of the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline.
16 religious leaders were arrested. No matter what your faith is, the construction of this pipeline is immoral and will be stopped.




This Saturday May 21st, we rallied with Mother Out Front, and Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley as 11 more brave people were arrested shutting down this pipeline project. At the same time, 21 people in Peekskill NY were also arrested fighting the Spectra pipeline in their area.  Resistance is rising.

Video Credit: Sam Quigley
Music credit: The Secession, Around We Go.


On April 23rd we showed up with 300 people to shut them down all day.

But Spectra didn’t show up for work. For more coverage of the days events, see our Media page. For a video summary of the action, watch the video below (Thanks to the wonderful work of Sam Quigley!)

Stop Spectra In Boston

Spectra Energy is building a pipeline carrying fracked gas in West Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts. This pipeline will carry high-pressure methane (natural) gas, a potent greenhouse gas, through residential neighborhoods and past an active blasting quarry, at great risk to the citizens of Boston.


We shut down construction on Saturday, November 7th for the whole day.
Thanks to David Ludlow for creating this video of some of the highlights!

Resist Week 5 Victory

Uploaded by Resist the West Roxbury Lateral on 2015-11-09.

Support for the Resistance!! 

Some of the strongest voices in the movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground are cheering for us and thanking us for our work. Check out this video shout out from 350.org co-founder, Bill McKibben!

West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline Video

Bill McKibbin wants Spectra out of West Roxbury.