On September 10th, Federal Judge Young ruled against the City of Boston, allowing Spectra Energy to take Boston streets by eminent domain to build the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. This pipeline will carry high-pressure methane (natural) gas through residential neighborhoods, past an active blasting quarry, at great risk to the citizens of Boston, and against the will of our city, state, and federal officials, including Mayor Marty Walsh, Congressman Lynch and Senators Markey and Warren. This is a campaign to stop this pipeline.

Why Do We Do Nonviolent Civil Disobedience?

  • We have exhausted all other recourses including public assembly protests, legal challenges, and appeals to our elected representatives.
  • Spectra Energy subverted democratic process, ignored permitting process, and left citizens of Boston with no choice.
  • Spectra is abusing the concept of eminent domain in order to build this pipeline for profit, not for the public good.


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